Carlo Carlo Bianca
Full Professor (HDR)
Preparatory Cycle Director

Laboratoire Quartz (EA 7393)
École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Génie Électrique, Productique et Management Industriel
13 Boulevard de l'Hautil
95092 Cergy Pontoise, Paris
CY Cergy Paris University, France
Office: room J209
Phone: +33 (0)13 075 6044
Fax: +33 (0)13 075 6041

      Scientific Books (English)
Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Evolution Equations Mathematical and Computational Methods in Biology and Finance Mathematical Billiards and Applications Towards a Mathematical Theory of Complex Biological Systems

      Teaching Books (French)
Alg�bre II et G�om�trie II - GRANDES ECOLES Analyse II - GRANDES ECOLES G�om�trie I - GRANDES ECOLES Alg�bre I - GRANDES ECOLES Analyse I - GRANDES ECOLES (Partie II) Analyse I - GRANDES ECOLES (Partie I)

      Teaching Books (Italien)
Pillole di Analisi Matematica II Analisi Matematica II in Test: Svolti e Proposti Chi ha Paura dell'Analisi...delle Successioni e Serie? Chi ha Paura dell'Analisi...Matematica 1
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